Map of measured soil carbon change

Posted by Peter Donovan 10 years, 6 months ago

This is a mapping project for measured changes in soil carbon content over time (as well as Soil Carbon Challenge entries, in yellow). The purpose is not to aggregate "offsets" or to make broad predictions, but to show what's possible as verified by actual measurements. When the purpose is to show what is possible, rather than to generate a broad-scale prediction or quantify carbon offsets, questions of statistical reliability are less troubling.

There are many stories that are told about soil carbon, and what its possibilities are. Much conversation on this topic has substituted assumptions for observations. Repeated measurements at the same location appear to be rare.

If you have data you would like to include, or can suggest good data, please contact us, info at soilcarboncoalition dot org, or you may start with a data form.

Carbon gains and losses are expressed in metric tons of carbon (not carbon dioxide) per hectare per year, or as annual percentage increase where bulk density measurements have not been taken.

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To convert carbon to CO2, multiply by 3.67. For CO2 to C, multiply by .273. (The molecular weight of CO2 is 16 for each oxygen atom, and 12 for the carbon atom, so the ratio of CO2 to C is 44:12.)

To convert hectares to acres, multiply by 2.47. To convert acres to hectares, multiply by .404.

To convert metric tons C per hectare to metric tons CO2 per acre, multiply by 1.52. To convert tons CO2 per acre to tons C per hectare, multiply by .658.