Water and soil demonstration

Soil scientist Ray Archuleta shows a remarkable contrast in the responses of tilled and no-tilled soil to water. Note that the biological glue he speaks of during the second half, substances such as glomalin, are one of the important large compounds that contain soil carbon. The takeaway from this demonstration is also that soil organic carbon has huge leverage on the effectiveness of the water cycle. See also http://managingwholes.com/eco-water-cycle.htm


Great video! I love the demos.

The voice-over unfortunately doesn't clearly distinguish feeding streams, lakes, and rivers from infiltration vs. runoff.

Infiltration feeds lakes, streams, and rivers slowly with clean water that has filtered through soil. Along the way, it wets the root zone and recharges groundwater.

Runoff also refills lakes, streams, and rivers, but with unfiltered water carrying soil, debris, and often pesticides and herbicides. Runoff does NOT adequately wet root zones or recharge groundwater. Runoff happens so fast it can cause floods and flash floods.

Learn more: water cycle basic slide show on ManagingWholes.com.