Atlas of Biological Work

Assisting and growing capacity for whole-system feedback with soil and water conservation districts, land trusts, farms, ranches, watershed groups, any localized and land-based organization. Atlas is an open-source project/platform/network and we seek a wide range of local collaborations:

  • map landscape function in a watershed
  • start a citizen science project on soil health
  • grow capacity and feedback loops in a local, land-based organization or business to manage wholes

More info. Github project

Soil Carbon Challenge

If you want to find out how fast a human can run 100 meters, do you build
a computer model, do a literature search, or convene a panel of experts on
human physiology to make a prediction? No, you run a race, or a series of races. This is the core idea behind the Soil Carbon Challenge, begun in 2010. An interested land manager invites us to set up a baseline soil carbon plot. The data is open and the site can be remonitored for change in 3-10 years. More info.


The California Rancher-to-Rancher project can help you set up a small, no-risk learning site trial on your land, say a few acres or less, where you could concentrate livestock for a few hours or a day, and give it a substantial recovery period from grazing. Our support could be help in planning the trial to work with your needs, simple monitoring of the soil surface, and an optional soil carbon baseline plot. More info.

Learning resources

For schools and communities, a collection of resources around soil health and watershed function. More info.

Land Listeners workshop

Curious about how to see a landscape as a whole system? Do you want to understand and track the impact of grazing and land management on soil health, watershed function, soil carbon, and public health?

This participatory daylong workshop will give you detailed theory in whole systems landscape function, soil health principles, and the work of biology in creating the soil carbon sponge. You will also learn hands-on skills to make and upload observations to help monitor the health and function of your farm and other working lands. These include visual assessments of soil health, biological work, and water infiltration, as well as how to record repeatable geolocated observations to track changes over time and space. More info.