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The Soil Carbon Coalition is a nonprofit organization working to advance the practice, and spread awareness of the opportunity, of turning atmospheric carbon into water-holding, fertility-enhancing soil organic matter and humus. We are doing this by asking good questions: identifying the successes of local management and leadership via time-series monitoring, with open data, and growing local capacity to ask better questions, and for a shared and shareable intelligence on landscape function, so that land managers can take informed responsibility for soil health and the function of their watersheds.

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Abe Collins: hiring farmers to grow deep topsoil watersheds

Abe Collins presented at the Grassfed Exchange in February 2018 on Landstream. A great presentation.


Bioprecipitation is about the influence of biology, such as the bacteria Pseudomonas syringae, on rainfall ...

Wilson County, Kansas: Infiltration opportunity

"Conservation Matters" from the Wilson County Citizen (Fredonia, Kansas)

Sunlight energy and length of green

Around soil conservation, the questions we ask have been mostly about practices, species, or substances ...

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