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Some downloadable pdfs or web pages:

Understanding Soil Health and Watershed Function (takes you to a short form with download link at end; reviewers edition, September 29, 2017). This is a 146-page activity guide, focusing on questions, for teachers, students, citizens.

Field Guide to the Most Powerful Planetary Force is a description of sunlight energy flow, its implications for decision making, and a guide to making and recording some repeatable observations and measurements. 81 pages.

Measuring Soil Carbon Change: a practical, local method is the previous 60-page version of the above guide, also useful.

Low-stress livestock handling: Lessons from Bud Williams

Beyond Conflict to Consensus: Bob Chadwick's short introduction, for which Finding New Ground is a later, fuller, book-length version. The skills of creating a safe environment for shifting and adapting beliefs and behaviors in situations of conflict and change are invaluable for educators, facilitators, anyone who leads. 

Short booklets

These can be printed either on letter-size paper with one page per side, or as a folded booklet. Adobe Acrobat Reader has a booklet printing option that automatically organizes the pages to fold into an 8.5-inch by 5.5-inch booklet from letter-size paper. With a differently colored cover (use cover stock if your printer can handle it) and a long-arm stapler (or needle and thread), you can create an attractive small booklet.

Four ways of recognizing the circle of life is a small 12-page hand-drawn booklet.

Recognizing the big force is a 12-page hand-drawn booklet that ends by coaching you through a simple calculation of livestock production per acre per inch of rain (or other limiting input).

Recognizing the circle of life: the most powerful and creative planetary force is a 16-page typeset booklet about an alternative to the left/right political axis, the importance of soils to the circle of life, and some suggestions for good questions to orient ourselves around the circle of life.

Atlas of Biological Work: similar to the above booklet, but also describing our work in communities. Will be superceded in 2023 by a short book, Working with the most powerful and creative planetary force.

One-sheet handouts

Questions. For beginning observers of the circle of life.


Pounds of gain. An Excel spreadsheet showing a simple, holistic bottom line for ranching operations, best used to get trend over multiple years.