California Rancher to Rancher project field demo

Posted by Peter Donovan 6 years, 11 months ago

The Rancher-to-Rancher project, which supports California ranchers and land managers in setting up low-cost, risk-free learning site trials, held a demonstration April 12 on Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area, where Joe Morris grazes stocker cattle.

Joe Morris explains the learning site idea where livestock are concentrated for a short period followed by a generous recovery period. In the background, the learning site has about 700,000 pounds of stocker cattle per acre.
Rob Rutherford explains the notion of a holistic context for decision making as Joe Morris and JP move cattle from one small enclosure to another.

Richard King talks about residual, litter, and recovery periods following trampling of the learning site.

The rancher-to-rancher project is modeled after Australian projects initiated by Graeme Hand and assisted by other Holistic Management educators in Australia. If you are a central coast California rancher and would like to participate, contact the Soil Carbon Coalition (info at bottom of page). Soil carbon baseline plots are an optional add-on.