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Investing in the Soil Carbon Sponge

Posted by Didi Pershouse 2 months, 1 week ago in policy and framing /

For the last year I've been meeting not only with farmers and ranchers, but also with economists, investors, non profits, and policy makers to strategize about how we can regenerate the soil carbon sponge on a large scale in a global economy that often seems designed to do just the opposite.

Recognizing the soil carbon sponge

Posted by Peter Donovan 7 months, 3 weeks ago in policy and framing /

In a series of talks in California in April, I was privileged to hear Walter Jehne, founder of Healthy Soils Australia, help us recognize the soil carbon sponge for what it is or can be. The soil carbon sponge is porous, well-aggregated soil rich in plant roots, diverse life forms, nutrient availability, air, and often holding lots of water.

Separation of knowing and doing

Posted by Peter Donovan 10 months ago in policy and framing /

This cartoon by Zach Weinersmith from "Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal" is a vivid example of the habitual separation of knowing and doing in our institutions and in life generally.

Presentation to UN on World Soil Day

Posted by Peter Donovan 11 months, 4 weeks ago in policy and framing /

Didi Pershouse speaks at United Nations World Soil Day 2017