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Viewing posts from January, 2008

A new water paradigm

Posted by Peter Donovan 15 years ago

Four Slovakians and a Czech, some connected with the People and Water NGO in Slovakia, have written a short, powerful book on the water cycle. Water for the Recovery of the Climate---A New Water Paradigm is available in English from as a 15 MB, 94-page pdf (under “Downloads“).

Three generations of ecological literacy

Posted by Peter Donovan 15 years ago

The separation of nature and humanity, inconceivable to a hunter gatherer, resulted in a division of knowledge. Nature became an Other. Ecological or environmental literacy refers to the skills, experience, and concepts with which we understand Nature, and recognize and attempt to solve ecological problems. This ecological literacy has shown three broad stages of development.

Collision: nature as domain or nature as process?

Posted by Peter Donovan 15 years ago

The crisis of sustainability is the central drama of our time. Are humans part of nature, or somehow separate?

The future of the farm bill

Posted by Peter Donovan 15 years ago

North Dakota senator Kent Conrad calls the farm bill a “legislative battleship that you cannot turn around quickly.” As of mid-November 2007 this year’s $286 billion farm bill appears to be having engine trouble. Stalled in the Senate, there is talk of a presidential veto, of extending the 2002 bill.