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Dave Chapman interviews me

Posted by Peter Donovan 3 months ago in policy and framing, ruminations /

Dave Chapman of the Real Organic movement interviewed me in February 2023.

Patterns for thinking

Posted by Peter Donovan 8 months ago

Reverting to the pen for this piece on carbon offsets and ecosystem services

Download a pdf of this comic.

The shell game of carbon markets

Posted by Peter Donovan 9 months, 3 weeks ago in policy and framing, ruminations /

Since the Soil Carbon Coalition began in 2008 I've sampled soils and measured soil carbon and soil carbon change at hundreds of locations across North America. My basic question was, given that Life, and the circle of life, was the most powerful and creative planetary force, how do we humans work with it, as part of it? I knew that soil carbon was a critical factor for human health and survival. After some research and experiments I figured measuring soil carbon was a simpler task than measuring water in the soil, which was the #1 issue on the land almost everywhere--too dry, too wet, water too dirty.

Cat Buxton

Posted by Peter Donovan 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Today Cat Buxton, leader and networker in Upper Valley of eastern Vermont (and board member of Soil Carbon Coalition) gave an inspiring presentation on what she's been up to and what she's learned: a big story of possibility.

Matt Collins on place-based collaboratives

Posted by Peter Donovan 1 year ago in policy and framing /

Here's a very significant and interesting talk by Matt Collins on place-based collaboratives. The topic is conflict prevention--wolves and bears vs livestock, strategies including guard dogs, fencing, fladry, carcass removal, range riders . .. but in many instances these strategies don't accord with existing social norms among ranchers.