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Reflections on carbon and climate from California

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The stories we tell ourselves have consequences.

Kaweah Oaks workshops, Jan 17-19 2019

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Tulare County, California: 4th module of Sequoia Riverlands Trust Earth Academy with students from Monache, Lindsay, Wood Lake, Mission Oak, Eleanor Roosevelt

Workshops: Didi Pershouse and I, with Sam Weiser, Bud Darwin, and Dana Everhart from Sequoia Riverlands Trust coached the students (along with some adults) with some basic hands-on demos of soil health and watershed function, such as a flour vs bread demo, slake test, water infiltration, and a tabletop rainfall simulator. For a closing, we asked what new questions the participants had -- and we did not attempt to answer them. The following is a transcription of what I heard, rearranged a bit.

A Regenerative Secret (video)

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New short film from Kiss the Ground by Finian Makepeace featuring Allen Williams:

Butterworks Farm Land Listeners

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Thanks to hosts Anne and Jack Lazor, their beautiful farm, workers, and lovely cows, and all 50+ attendees at the Land Listeners workshop on Sept. 20, 2018 at Butterworks Farm near Westfield, Vermont. Thanks to facilitators Cat Buxton and Didi Pershouse, and to the Grazing Lands Coalition which helped Soil Carbon Coalition to sponsor it.

Length of green season, first drafts

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