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Canadian Cattleman's Association cowboy guide to greenhouse gas sinks and sources

Posted by Peter Donovan 12 years, 6 months ago

Lee Pengilly in Canada has written a wonderful "cowboy" guide to greenhouse gas sinks and sources, published by the Canadian Cattleman's Association. Includes a simple monitoring guide for water cycling, nutrient cycling, energy flow, and succession.

Download below (right click, save as). Here is a sample from the "Kyoto Cowboy" poem that ends the document.

I’ve heard it said by some folk that of “climate change” they have some doubt. “It won’t happen in my life-time, so there’s nothin’ to worry about.” But after thinkin’ closely, of grandkids comin’ on someday, I figure I’d rather be safe than sorry, I’ll make Kyoto pay. I’ll be the Kyoto Cowboy, I hold Ranchin’ deep within my heart, And about those greenhouse gases, I guess I can do my part.

My cows I’ll highly manage - through small fields they’ll daily graze. With fresh, green grass a growin’ it’ll show that fencin’ pays! There’s no manure build-up, dung beetles work to fertilize. Manure disappears so quickly - it has no time to volatize. The creek will be protected, with very limited access. I’ll capture tons of carbon through photosynthesis.