Infiltration test

Posted by Peter Donovan 5 years, 7 months ago

Stan Boyd of South Dakota NRCS made a great little video about doing a simple, single-ring infiltration test on three different types of management. "[Infiltration] responds very rapidly to changes in management."

Single-ring infiltration tests are part of the Soil Carbon Challenge baseline method.

In order to have a better repeatable observation, we recommend using five, 6-inch diameter rings, and running them concurrently using one stopwatch: start #1 at 0, #2 at 1:00 (one minute), #3 at 2:00, and so on, and subtracting the start time from the finish time for each ring. Variability may be high, so 5 rings will give you a better picture than one. You may use our data entry app atlasbiowork to record your data.

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