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Soil, water, and hope

Posted by Peter Donovan 5 years, 10 months ago


THURSDAY, APRIL 13 - 7 PM - Presentation /Discussion

PETER DONOVAN has a background in livestock herding, holistic management, asset-based community development, and reporting and writing on systems/holistic thinkers and doers. In 2008 he founded the Soil Carbon Coalition. He regularly leads workshops on the carbon cycle, which cuts across all disciplines of knowledge and is contributing to a transformation of science in the areas of leadership, trust, participation, and power. Since 2011 he has lived and traveled in a converted school bus, establishing 300 baseline plots for soil carbon change across North America, and is now re sampling many of them. FRIDAY, APRIL 14 - 830 AM to NOON Seeing, monitoring, and mapping soil health and watershed function Peter will demonstrate practical and repeatable monitoring techniques. Expected outcomes of this workshop include a deeper understanding of carbon cycling and water cycling on farmland, of human opportunities to make a difference, how to measure and monitor water-holding carbon in your soil, track changes in soil productivity and health, and the formation of a strategy that participants can take to foster positive change. BOTH EVENTS HELD AT SWIFT LEVEL, LEWISBURG, WV 3.5 miles West of Lewisburg, West Virginia, USA Route 60, Bungers Mill Road, Herns Mill Road To Register (please) Questions? 304 661.6777