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Preparing soil samples for carbon analysis

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Reflections on carbon and climate from California

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The stories we tell ourselves have consequences.

Kaweah Oaks workshops, Jan 17-19 2019

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Tulare County, California: 4th module of Sequoia Riverlands Trust Earth Academy with students from Monache, Lindsay, Wood Lake, Mission Oak, Eleanor Roosevelt

Workshops: Didi Pershouse and I, with Sam Weiser, Bud Darwin, and Dana Everhart from Sequoia Riverlands Trust coached the students (along with some adults) with some basic hands-on demos of soil health and watershed function, such as a flour vs bread demo, slake test, water infiltration, and a tabletop rainfall simulator. For a closing, we asked what new questions the participants had -- and we did not attempt to answer them. The following is a transcription of what I heard, rearranged a bit.

A Regenerative Secret (video)

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New short film from Kiss the Ground by Finian Makepeace featuring Allen Williams: